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If IQ is the innate horsepower of a car and KNOWLEDGE is the fuel, then THINKING SKILL can be equated with driving skill. Only a skilful driver can make optimum use of a car's potential. Because of this realisation, many schools for the exceptionally gifted are now using Dr de Bono's Thinking programs in a deliberate attempt to avoid the "intelligence trap" which occurs when a high IQ is not accompanied by effective thinking skills.

Dr de Bono believes that good thinking does not occur naturally. He believes there is a need to teach thinking. One should realise that it is never too early to be taught this most fundamental of human skills.

The increasingly complicated future will undoubtedly challenge anyone to come up with clear and constructive thinking: making decisions, making choices, taking initiatives and being creative.

We do not claim to make a child more intelligent. But if parental and seminar participants' feedback is anything to go by, Dr de Bono's Thinking Methods have definitely helped 99% of the students and participants (including gifted students) in the use of their thinking potential in both their academic work and in their personal day-to-day decisions.

Why send your child to Dr de Bono's Thinking Programmes?

  • Our programmes will equip your child with the essential thinking skills which major corporations have found necessary to include in their training roadmaps for their senior executives. It is never too early to start acquiring these skills through programmes designed by Dr de Bono himself.
  • Your child will learn to apply the same tools to help them generate ideas for their projects in school. They will be taught simple methods to help them think out of the box as well as a system of tools to help them evaluate the viability of their projects.
  • We are therefore able to tune the mind of your child to respond to the demands of business and industry. We train for the future.

More than 50,000 children in Singapore and HongKong have attended our programmes.

Testimonials from our students



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Six Thinking Hats® for Students (for Primary 1 onwards)

The Six Thinking Hats® Method is based on Dr Edward de Bono's extensive experience in the field of direct teaching of thinking across different ages and abilities. It will teach the tools which enable your child to be more focused and disciplined in their thinking habits, resulting in greater systematic and structured output. Your child will learn how to separate thinking into six distinct categories. Each category is identified with its own coloured metaphorical "thinking hat". By mentally wearing and switching "hats", your child can easily stay focused or redirect thoughts during learning and conversation.

Specifically, your child will :

  • learn the ability to think more creatively
  • understand the need to separate the thinking process into different modes and learn to think in one mode at a time
  • spot weaknesses and dangers in new ideas easily
  • discover benefits and strengths in new proposals
  • understand the role of emotion and intuition in decision making
  • learn to utilise information effectively.
Creative Awareness Programme 1 (CAP 1™) for Preschoolers

Children are naturally curious and they never seem to run out of questions. CAP 1 seeks to capitalise on this curiosity by equipping the child with tools with which to channel his queries in clearly focused directions.

The programme makes the child aware of:

  • different modes of questioning which thus allows the child to indicate more clearly the direction of his/her enquiry
  • the concept of "POSSIBILITY" as a viable alternative to YES/NO thinking
  • the need to explain their answers when such answers would appear logically "Unacceptable"
  • the fact that "thinking" can be fun
  • the concept of groupings an important step in moving the child from the specific to the generic
  • the need to think before giving an answer


Creative Awareness Programme 2 (CORT®) from Primary 1 to Primary 3

In CAP 2 we introduce the child to a set of thinking tools which will help to develop the good habit of thinking in a focused manner.

The programme will help the child to go beyond descriptive thinking to evaluative thinking. The tools taught in the programme e.g. FIP (First Important Priorities), OPV (Other People's View) and CAF (Consider All Factors) will help to develop this ability.

The specific purpose of CAP 2 lessons is to broaden perception so that in any thinking situation, the child is encouraged to see beyond the obvious, immediate and egocentric, and develop a much broader view of situations. This programme is especially useful for students in their school projects and assignments.


Think Note Write™ (Advanced CORT®) from Primary 4 onwards

TNW teaches the student to focus separately on each of the three phases of the writing process, thus making for more effective thinking at each stage. The three phases include:

  1. GENERATIVE (Think)
  3. EXPRESSIVE (Write)

At the THINK phase, the student gives full attention to the process of coming up with as many points relevant to the subject of discussion. During the NOTE phase, the student gives fuller expression to the ideas generated at the THINK stage. In the WRITE phase, the student concentrates solely on the mechanics of effective and correct expression.

This extremely powerful habit is inculcated through the gradual mastery of a set of thinking tools (different from those taught in Six Thinking Hats®) which require the student to examine any situation along specific corridors of thought. The student is also introduced to CONCEPTUAL THINKING and encouraged to handle each thinking task at his/her level of intellectual and linguistic competence.

Undoubtedly, this programme is particularly useful in the area of SERIOUS CREATIVE WRITING especially for expository essays. Students who complete the entire programme testify to the difference TNW has made to their ability to think effectively.


Junior Lateral Thinking™ for Students

Lateral Thinking™: "A way of thinking that seeks a solution to a problem through unorthodox methods or elements that would normally be ignored by logical thinking." (Oxford English Dictionary)

Dr Edward de Bono distinguishes two types of thinking. He calls one "vertical thinking", which uses step-by-step logic. He calls the other "lateral thinking" which involves disrupting an apparent normal-thinking sequence and arriving at the solution from another angle.

In the programme, the child will learn how to develop his/her creativity and find alternative solutions by bringing his creative thinking and the thinking of others into sharp focus. The child will also learn to create new and practical ideas by using deliberately provocative statements. By using a thorough checklist, he will be able to dramatically increase the number of ideas he can harvest.

The programme also teaches the child to spark creative thinking by using random words and objects, and constructively challenge his current thinking. He will find and build on the concept behind one idea to create even more ideas, and turn harvested ideas into practical forms.

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