“An idea that is developed and put into action is
more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”
– Edward de Bono –

Edward de Bono Training Pte Ltd was founded by Sir Dr Peter Low and Mrs Linda Low.

A consultancy based in Singapore to promote Dr Edward de Bono’s Thinking Methods, it is the official regional centre for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. It also is the sole distributor of de Bono training materials for the region.

Since 1992, the company has been conducting thousands of highly successful in-house seminars for corporations and public seminars at the Singapore Institute of Management and The Hong Kong Management Association.

Our area of expertise includes

  • Delivery at Conference
  • Convention
  • Key Note Address on
    Creativity & Innovation
  • Teams and Thinking Tools
    for Widening Perception
  • Structured Thinking & Serious
    Creativity for Individual


Peter and Linda were the only Asians among the first 12 consultants worldwide to be personally selected and trained by Dr de Bono in the United States. On account of the duo’s phenomenal success, Dr de Bono awarded them with a Lifetime Certification in his Thinking Methods and called them
“the leading trainers of my work anywhere in the world”.

Our Founders and Master Trainers

President Director
Strategic Thinking Consultant

LifeTime Master Trainer
Edward de Bono Thinking Systems
Regional Centre – Distributor for Asia

Peter was specially selected by Edward de Bono in 1992 to be among the first 12 persons in the world to be personally trained and certified by him to provide training in the Six Thinking Hats® System, Lateral Thinking and Creativity Programs, The Power of Perception™ program, Focus on Facilitation™, Simplicity and Six Value Medals™.

In recognition of his excellent performance in providing training to thousands of senior executives from major corporations in Singapore and the Asia Pacific, he was appointed Master Trainer by Dr de Bono for Asia in December 1993.

On account of his consistent phenomenal success, he was publicly acknowledged by de Bono in his website message as his “best trainer internationally”.

In 2002, he was among only three trainers worldwide to be awarded Lifetime Certification in all Edward de Bono Thinking Programs on account of his training excellence.

A witty and engaging personality, he has been a guest on television shows in Singapore and featured in numerous human resource publications.

Managing Director
Strategic Thinking Consultant
Boardroom Coach

LifeTime Master Trainer
Edward de Bono Thinking Systems
Regional Centre – Distributor for Asia

As Edward de Bono’s official representative in Asia, Linda has been key to the popularity of the guru’s thinking techniques in Asia for the last 28 years.

In 2002, due to her phenomenal performance as a trainer, she was among only three trainers worldwide to be awarded Lifetime Certification in all of Dr de Bono’s Thinking Programs – Six Thinking Hats® System, Power of Perception™ Program, Simplicity, Lateral Thinking and Six Value Medals™.

A winner of the Top Performer Award in the de Bono network for 15 successive years in the whole of Asia and Oceania, Linda was acknowledged by the renowned thinking guru as his leading trainer internationally in his website message (16 March, 1997).

She has been invited to deliver presentations to business chiefs at international conferences in Dublin, Chicago, Florida, Malta, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Beijing. A dynamic personality, she has also appeared on business programs on television in Europe and Asia.

Linda was significantly involved in the Singapore Education Ministry’s launch of Edward de Bono’s CoRT Thinking Program in 1987.

She is also a certified Practising Management Consultant.

Program Expertise

Linda is one the first 12 persons in the world who were specially selected and trained by Dr Edward de Bono to provide training in his methods. Her subsequent success at imparting Dr de Bono’s methods led to her being appointed Master Trainer.

An excellent team builder and motivational speaker, Linda has been highlighted by Meetings and Conventions, a professional training magazine, in a feature article as one of the six most sought after speakers in the Asia Pacific.


I would like to congratulate Peter Low and Linda Low on becoming the leading trainers in the International de Bono Network of over 722 trainers and the Top Distributor of my Methods in the world. This is the culmination of excellent work over the last 20 years. I wish them continuing success in their great achievements.

I have also appointed them to oversee matters pertaining to the training of my methods in ASEAN, including Hong Kong (SAR), Macau (SAR), Nepal, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

The provision of training and / or the incorporation of my work into training or educational programs without proper written authorisation is a violation of my intellectual property rights.

Our Team

Lifetime Certified Master Trainers


Professional Program Trainers under our 2 Master Trainers
  • Daphne Lim
  • Timothy William McBride
  • Rhea Maranan Aparicio
  • Elaine E George
  • Gene Fung Sze Long
  • Gian Carolo Batenga
  • Allan Joseph G Gonzalez
  • Samuel M Borbon Junior
  • Hingdranata Nikolay
  • N. Nanda Kumar
  • Rasmee Tanyatorn
  • Rene de Jesus
  • Eric Poon
  • Shan Lin
  • Shan Lei-En
  • Yang Tung Yueh
  • Nuttaputch Wongreanthong

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