“The Quality of Your Thinking will determine the Quality of your Future!” – Edward de Bono –
In today’s rapidly changing world, competency in your domain knowledge will only suffice for daily operations. Doing the same thing every day will not allow you or your company to achieve the breakthrough results to grow the business. Don’t risk being obsolete by using incidental thinking and reactive responses. The ability to think objectively using a robust framework or methodology are essential. At Edward de Bono Training, we help executives and organisation maximise their thinking potential through our 6 different programs. Find out how we can maximise your potential.
Parallel Thinking for Teams
Most errors in business decisions come from errors in thinking. The Six Hats Process ensures that thinking outcomes are sound and teaches teamwork at the most fundamental stage of work – the thinking process. By engaging everyone to use the same mode of thinking at the same time, the team practises parallel thinking. This speeds up the discussion process and saves precious time while increasing thinking output substantially. Individuals are able to transcend their personal biases in the process hence ensuring more well-thought out solutions which incorporate not only critical thinking but take into account intuitive insights and the all enriching component of serious creativity. The Six Hats is
  • A language of thinking
  • An excellent team thinking tool
  • A good introduction to creative thinking methods
  • A proven assessment tool
  • A time saver for meetings
Refresh Thinking Processes
Creativity is not an innate talent that we are born with. It is a skill that can be learnt. With practice, anyone can become a prolific creative thinker. At the same time, creativity does not come naturally to most people. Left to its own devices, the brain invariably falls back on its old ways and ideas. Brainstorming is therefore not a useful creative tool. Lateral Thinking provides us with the tools we need to provoke our brain into thinking differently. Using systematic provocation techniques, we can think out of the box whenever we need creative and innovative ideas. Being able to call up creativity on demand is an essential skill in today’s fast-moving economy. Staying relevant as a business or as an individual requires us to be one step ahead of the competition. Lateral Thinking gives us the tools and the mindset to do just that.
Widening Perception For Better Focus
The way we perceive the world determines the decisions we make and what we do. Perception is probably the most important part of our thinking. Most mistakes in thinking are mistakes in perception. POP™ allows the user to review different aspects of a situation in a more focused way, through 10 Tools. It is a simple systematic approach which will result in better decision making and greater satisfaction all round, without the painful penalties that arise from hasty decisions. Studies have proven that when people are specifically asked to use POP™ thinking tools, their thinking dramatically improved by as much as 300%. POP™ is perfect for people who have to deal with the public: law enforcement officers; medical personnel; educationist & counsellors; human resources executives. It ensures that no salient factors in good decision making are overlooked.
Gain Efficiency in Business
In this complex world, things are becoming more and more complicated over time instead of becoming simpler. Simplicity is a key value but it is not enough to just think about it. Serious determined effort must be made to achieve simplicity through attitudes, frameworks and specific thinking techniques. Reduce cost, time, mistakes and frustration by getting your employees to think up new ways of doing things in a simpler way, which will lead to faster-to-market innovations and easier process systems. This course helps the attendees to see and understand the interplay of targets, attitude, values and concepts in efforts to simplify before embarking on the three pronged applications of tools within the Remove, Replace and Restructure approaches.
Injecting Value Into Business Proposals
Values are central to all our decisions, choices, actions and strategies. Everything we do is directed towards obtaining some value or delivering some value. But though they are important, values remain vague for many people. We make decisions focusing on the more obvious values while ignoring the others, and have no clear means of gauging the impact of our decisions. What the Six Value Medals Framework™ will give us is a means to focus on values in different directions, assess their strengths or size and pinpoint sources of conflicts in a situation. Being able to highlight and pinpoint the benefits and values to be enjoyed from any proposal or suggestion helps one to make a case in clear demonstrable terms. Who really benefits and what exactly the benefits are come under microscopic scrutiny.
Conducting Productive and Creative Meetings
True leadership begins with thought leadership. Lead the way and earn respect by running efficient, creative and effective meetings, every time. Focus on Facilitation combines Six Thinking Hats® , Lateral Thinking and Power of Perception™ to provide a multitude of tools that enable you to deal with a wide range of meeting scenarios. The Six Thinking Hats provides a unified direction for all participants. Lateral Thinking generates and protects new ideas. Power of Perception broadens perspectives to promote objectivity and clarity. Keep meetings focused. Practise parallel thinking. Generate creative ideas. Leverage multiple viewpoints. Keep egos in check. Improve team work. Harness the power of collective thinking!

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IN-HOUSE corporate seminars form the bulk of our training activities, occupying more than 90% of our training calendar. Many of our clients have taken our programs in-house for more than 15 years, subscribing to as many as 20 seminars per year.Our programs can be tailored to suit the needs of your staff, ranging from induction courses for rank & file to in-depth courses for senior management. These programs equip your staff with the knowledge & tools which will allow them to be better thinkers & effective decision makers.Our PUBLIC SEMINARS allow smaller companies to send their staff to attend without affecting the operations of their companies. Many of our attendants are senior management people assessing the value of our programs for the rest of their staff.
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